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Let us help you develop your Marketing Strategy

  • When did you last take a long, hard look at your marketing & PR activities?  
  • Are you confident that you are getting a good return on your investment when it comes to marketing expenditure?
  • Does your brand identity and related materials still reflect your current business model?

If these questions have laid the seeds of doubt regarding your marketing & PR strategy and brand image, then Waters Creative has a simple and cost effective business solution.

We have recently introduced a marketing strategy questionnaire to our portfolio of business development tools, designed as a complete and comprehensive appraisal of your existing marketing activities.

Why is it important to carry out a marketing audit? Rather like a financial audit, our marketing strategy questionnaire gives you the opportunity to review and appraise your whole marketing activity, enabling you to assess past and present performance as well as to provide the basis for determining and evaluating possible future courses of action.

As today’s business environment is constantly changing, the marketing audit should be used as a reference tool, with constant updates reflecting changes in the external environment and your own internal business experiences.

The marketing audit process involves a face-to-face session with relevant personnel who have responsibility for elements of delivering your marketing activities.  

As well as gaining a general overview of your marketing strategy to date, our challenging questionnaire will lead you through a series of key marketing tools and techniques in order to gauge which you have utilised and which have succeeded or failed. After the interviews, within a week we will present you with an objective overview together with recommendations for future consideration. 

We can also help you with the future implementation of these activities, but only if you want us to.  The report from the audit will be yours to use as you choose. You are under no obligation to employ our services further.

This exciting, new business development costs only £295 from start to finish. The results could save you £000’s in ineffective marketing expenditure and set the goals for your future direction and drive.