At WATERS, the world influences every aspect of our creativity.

Here’s what’s happening in our world – company news, press coverage and a glimpse at what we get up to behind the scenes.


At Waters Creative we love the world of design so much that we’d like to share some hints and tips with you. We believe that working with our clients to understand their business has been key to our success. So if we can help you understand our business (just a little), that can only be beneficial to all of us.

This is a cool link to the 50 best free fonts for designers (click here). Have a quick look through to see if there’s one you fancy... this would help us when working together in the future to see which font style you like and the ones you feel suit your business. You can tell a lot about a person or company through the fonts they choose!

We also thought it would be helpful for future working to share with you the importance of colour in design and why we choose certain colour schemes. Click here for information about the theory of colour. There is reasoning behind colour selection!

And finally, if you are looking for a bespoke, quirky gift or incentive to send to your customers, take a look at these advent calendar ideas... it may be too late for this year but certainly food for thought for Christmas 2013.