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what can you do to make your business cards stand out?


news-icon.jpgWhat do we mean? 

Embossing is the process of creating a three-dimensional image or design in paper and other materials. Most types of paper can be embossed, and size is not normally a consideration. Embossing without ink, so that the image is raised but not coloured, is called "blind embossing and creates some great effects.

You're limited only by your creativity. Here is a link to an amazing set of embossed business cards, that we know will inspire you… Not only will your embossed card stand out visually, but they will also feel different to the touch to standard business cards.. making it even more memorable to potential customers. After all, the more of an impression your business card makes (and the bigger the conversation it generates) the more likely it is to achieve its desired result. That is, generating more business. If you want to know more about embossed business cards and how we can help with recommendations suitable for your business, contact us now