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We'd like you to meet Josh and Hannah


Fresh from completing the BA (Hons) Graphic Design degree at University of Wales Trinity St David’s, Waters Creative are pleased to announce two new members to our growing team! Hannah and Josh have now joined us as full time interns and we are really happy to have them on board. Although already really busy, Jemma managed to grab a few minutes with them both to ask some quick questions. Here are their interviews...

Tell us a little about yourselves...
Hannah (H): I enjoy spending my spare time reading, cuddling my cats (or anyone else’s to be honest!) watching funny cat videos and binge watching TV boxsets, I’m just getting caught up on Game of Thrones (LOVE it!!) I also love being outdoors, whether I’m walking, rollerblading or long boarding I’m a happy girl!

Josh (J): I’m the opposite; I’m most happy lazing around and reading magazines! That said I love extreme sports and enjoy surfing whenever I can. A good night out with my friends is also high on my agenda for a great day!

Have you always wanted to be a designer?
H: Yes! Or maybe a vet :)

J: No, at school I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do, I considered management opportunities and more business based careers. However I spent my work experience at a small design studio, and knew then that this was something I wanted to do. I went on to do an Interactive Media course and then my degree.

You have just completed a Degree in Graphic Design at UWTSD, tell us a bit about the course and what it involved?
H: The course is a 3 years course, 4 years if you extend to a MDes. We had regular lectures on typography, illustration and boosting our creativity. The course is a really friendly course, I’d thoroughly recommend it. The lecturers were brilliant and more like friends which made the course much more accessible. With constant coursework and assessment it’s a lot more work than people think, it’s not just laying things out on a page!

J: The course covered a lot of print design, which was great for me as it’s what I like most. It also covered web and some video based animation. I prefered the coursework aspect of the course and was really pleased we didn’t sit exams, exams don’t make a great environment for creativity!

What did you enjoy most about the course?
H: That’s hard, I loved all aspects of the course, it really confirmed how much I wanted to be a designer. On the flip side, the printers were always breaking which was a nightmare!

J: I really enjoyed the diversity of the projects set, I especially enjoyed working on magazine projects, this is my favourite area of design. Even the challenging projects were really good.

How did you come to work with Waters Creative?
H & J: It was the same for both of us, we came here on an internship earlier in the year and got to know the company. Then Rhian, the Director, came into University to be part of the VIVA sessions we were involved in and the next thing we know we had an email asking us to an interview :) Very exciting!

What is your role at Waters Creative?
H: I’m interning on the web team, working closely with Leah. I will be working on general web design projects, responsive web design, resizing images, adding content to websites and learning how to use Adobe After Effects. Basically whatever Leah says :)

J: I’m a Print and Digital designer and will be working closely with both teams on different projects.

What do you think you can bring to the team?
H: Smiles! Also I think I can bring unbiased fresh ideas as I’m not clouded by any past restrictions which I think is a good thing, maybe I can bring a different approach to projects.

J: I have a unique style which is just waiting for the right projects to put it forward and I can also bring some diversity to the print team as the only male!

What do you hope you’ll gain from working with Waters Creative?
H: How it is to truly work in a design studio, I’ve been working directly with clients straight away which is a steep but beneficial learning curve. I’m hoping to expand my Photoshop skills and learn new skills in Adobe After Effects, along with developing a good portfolio and industry links.

J: Experience! How to work with clients and how to manage their requirements and restrictions. During my degree it was hard to find external clients willing to work with us, so this is a great opportunity.

You have been here with us for a few weeks now, how are things going?
H: Very well, I think I’ve fitted in well and I’m really enjoying it. It’s far less of a struggle to get up and come into the studio than it was to go to Uni!

J: Great! I’m really enjoying it and find the team really friendly.

What type of projects have you been working on?
H: Loads! Web design projects, especially responsive web design. Lots of image and content adding to websites, and I’m currently creating graphics for an interactive map, it’s very time consuming but rewarding :)

J: Pretty much anything you can think of! I’ve been given loads to do from logos design, editorials to infographics.

What challenges do you foresee? Anything you have found difficult so far?
H: Getting back into Photoshop! There isn’t a lot of emphasis on it on the degree course so it’s all new again. Oh and learning After Effects from scratch, although Leah is on hand to help.

J: After Uni, where the briefs were mostly free reign, it will be difficult to get to grips with restrictions on projects and gaining the knowledge of existing clients that the team know instinctively.

Is there anything that working with us so far has taught you?
H: Working with other people, especially cross team projects.

J: Working in the studio is a lot faster than at Uni. I think I’ve done more projects since I’ve been here than I did in my whole final year!

And finally and most importantly at Waters Creative, what is your favourite biscuit?!
H: Gluten free chocolate digestives, they are the most sturdy for dunking!

J: A bourbon :)

A big warm welcome and thank you to Josh and Hannah, we look forward to getting to know you better!