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The importance of responsive website design

If you’ve not come across it yet, it refers to designing and building websites to provide the most optimal viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). Basically you get the best experience for your website across whatever device you view it on. The website responds to the viewing device but this doesn’t just relate to the layout of the site, but the optimisation of the design and content itself, so that whether you connect via a G mobile connection on a 5 year old HTC, or 75Mbps fibre optic with the latest retina-screen macbook, you have a good experience; the site and graphics load quickly, with the information you need, in a useable form.

Why is it so important all of a sudden?

The huge increase in mobile and tablet device usage for viewing websites prompted Google to implement mobile-friendly updates to its search algorithm. This means that if your website is NOT mobile optimised (responsively designed) then the search rankings for your website would be negatively impacted.

If you’re worried about your own website, this simple test will let you know how Google rates your website.

The future of websites

Google’s update is a logical progression based on consumer habit. The trend towards mobile and tablet usage was only ever going to increase, so it was a natural and hugely beneficial step to take for consumers overall experience. Technology is constantly changing, enriching our lives (mostly in a good way!) and with each new development provides a new challenge for designers and web developers alike. Designers will be challenged to develop ideas that work across the plethora of devices, each unique in their own way, whilst creating a consistent brand feel across all versions of a website. Developers are pushed to work with fluid grids and multiple platforms to test everything on. Each advance brings a new challenge though and requires new ways of thinking to be developed.

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