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Welcome to our new team member Ceri

Welcome to Waters Creative Ceri!

Let’s start by getting you to tell us a little about yourself...

I’m quite an indoors person really, I’m a bit of a video game and TV box set geek. I like watching things such as Supernatural, Family Guy and The Walking Dead (Season 6 has just started!) I also have 2 large aquariums in my house, one with tropical fish and one with goldfish.

You have just completed a Degree in Web Development at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, tell us a bit about the course and what it involved?

Wow it’s a lot to cover! Everything from the design aspect of websites through to full website development, database management, computer hardware optimization, web development frameworks and basic games development. I learnt and developed my skills in Visual Studio, Sublime Text and the Adobe Creative Suite. There were lots of different platforms that we covered, a selection of which were HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript and C#.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

I really enjoyed the games based projects, there are no rules to those types of projects it really lets you be as free and creative as you dare. I also enjoyed the varied aspect of the course, it meant you got to try lots of different skills and develop the areas that you enjoyed the most.

What did you find most challenging?

I found the documentation side of the course the most challenging, I much prefer to be programming!

Have you always wanted to be a developer?

No, I always thought I would be a doctor or a vet, I started on this path in College but soon decided it wasn’t for me and decided to pursue my other love of computers!

Is this something you began developing before university?

Yes, I’ve always been very computer orientated, I started pulling apart existing website code around 12, finding out what did what and the best way to programme a smart functional website. I’ve also always been interested in games development and have even built my own computers.

How do you make sure you keep on top of current trends?

I spend lots of time on forums, as all creative people seem to do. I’m also part of a Facebook group of peers where we can share programming hints and tips.

How did you come to work with Waters Creative?

I undertook a month long internship with Waters Creative earlier this year looking at the online scheduling system Waters Creative is developing. Luckily for me a job then came up and I was contacted by Waters Creative to apply.

What is your role at Waters Creative?

It is my job to implement the backend code of a website. This includes making the website content dynamic through our CMS system, adding functionality (including front-end) and dealing with any technical queries. I really enjoy working using new technologies, or creating new functionality I’ve never delved into before.

What do you think you can bring to the web team? What skills do you have that will enhance the development process?

I think my Javascript skills and knowledge of website frameworks and design patterns is a key skill that I have and I’m really excited to get stuck into using them. I’m also very familiar in developing in Object Oriented Design.

What do you hope you’ll gain from working with Waters Creative?

I’m looking forward to enhancing my development skills in generally but especially PHP and getting used to programming much quicker than I’m used to!

You have been here with us for a few weeks now, how are things going?

Good! I’m getting used to a full 9-5.30 working day J I’m quickly learning my way around the Waters Creative CMS system and by getting to know everyone I’m gaining more confidence every day.

What type of projects have you been working on?

Loads! I’ve been working on RSS feeds, lots of backend development on a really diverse range of websites both existing and brand new. I’ve also been helping out with some really exciting internal Waters Creative secret projects which have been great fun.

What challenges do you foresee? Anything you have found difficult so far?

Learning the way other people work, a company has a particular way of working so learning that is not exactly difficult just challenging. I also know there is a lot to learn that we didn’t cover in Uni so it will be all new and exciting for me.

And finally and most importantly at Waters Creative, what is your favourite biscuit?!

A triple chocolate cookie!

We are really pleased to have Ceri on board and can't wait to see what tricks he has up his sleeves! Welcome to the team Ceri.