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Introducing the Waters Creative Promotional Gift Team


To launch the Waters Creative Promotional Gift Week, we catch up with Rachel and Ashley from the Promotional Gift team and delve a little bit deeper into their world...

Tell us a little about what Promotional Gifts are?

Promotional gifts are known by many names, incentives, giveaways and freebies are just a few. They tend to be that ‘little bit extra’ that companies use to leave a lasting impression with their clients. They can cover anything from a modest budget pen to more high-end executive items and most excitingly those items that are thought provoking and really make a client stop and think. They are above and beyond the standard corporate materials that companies use every day and have a much longer shelf life than brochures or flyers.

How do you believe Promotional Gifts benefit a business?

Companies receive brochures everyday selling them services, most of them get put in the ‘I’ll look at that later’ pile or discarded completely, however if something a little bit different comes through the post, maybe a pen, diary or mug, these items get a second glance and more often than not they will remain in the possession of that person for some time to come. This raises brand awareness in a more subtle way, even more so if the item in some way relates to the services of the company i.e. a slide rule from a Construction Company. It allows a company to stand out from the competition, the more thought provoking a product is the greater the chance is that it will be shared.

How long have you worked with Promotional Gifts ?

Ashley: I didn’t immediately start working with Promotional Gifts when I began working at Waters Creative; I have been involved for about 2 years now.

Rachel: Much longer! I’ve worked with Promotional Gifts for over 14 years now, the last 7 being at Waters Creative.

What does working with Promotional Gifts entail on a daily basis?

It really changes from day to day but most days include:

  1. Checking current orders are on track
  2. Following up proofs and approvals
  3. Following up on deliveries
  4. Working with the design team to create artwork
  5. Quoting and revising quotes
  6. Following up quotes with customers
  7. Researching new products and checking with suppliers for emerging trends

Once a client places an order, what happens next?

The first thing we do is establish what artwork the client would like on the Promotional Gift item. If they are supplying their own artwork this is checked over by a member of the Design team to make sure it is a vector file, set up at the correct size and suitable for print. If the client requires our Design team to lay out the artwork on their behalf we check the supplied logo to make sure it is suitable to use and then create the artwork to the clients brief.

The artwork is then sent on to the factory for proofing with full details of delivery address and any deadline that must be met.

We receive a mocked up PDF proof from the pre production team via email which is then sent to the client for approval. Proof approval is returned via email.

Once proof approval is received from the client we confirm this with the production team and the items go into production.

We then check on the progress of the job throughout the print process making sure the project is delivered on time and in perfect condition.

What Promotional Gift projects you enjoy working on the most?

Ashley: I love the challenge of bespoke items, making sure we pick the correct Pantone colours to match a clients company brand and providing the client with something truly unique.

Rachel: I think my favourite kind of project to work on is one that involves a suite of items. I really like the way items work together as a set and produce something the client is really proud of.

What is Waters Creative's best selling item?

Pens! Definitely pens! We have sold nearly 40,000 so far this year! Our most popular pen is from the Contour Range, we have a special offer coming up for you this week so keep checking for more details.

What new items have got you excited that people might be interested in?

Ashley: We got very excited about the new wax highlighters that have come out this year J They are just as bright and effective as the traditional highlighter but with wax finished means no smudging! Also the constantly changing shapes and styles of USB’s are always full of surprises.

Rachel: Many of our clients will have seen the notebooks that we have produced for ourselves, these have been very popular and many people have placed orders after seeing these however we were really excited to find out that we can now supply genuine Moleskine® notebooks and diaries! We can’t wait to receive our first order for these! We are also really pleased with the range of sizes and colours of Americano Travel Mugs that we can now offer, so much so we have a special offer coming later in the week for you! So keep an eye out on for more details!


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