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Our Brand Story


Our Brand Story

This is the first major rebrand for WATERS and it’s pretty ground breaking as far as transformation goes. To provide context, the WATERS logo hasn’t been touched for over 5 years so change has been on the cards for some time, and now is definitely the right time for us.

Making a decision to rebrand certainly isn’t an easy one, yet we do this, day in – day out for our clients and take it all in our stride, guiding and advising clients and taking them on a journey driven by us to deliver their vision – all in a day’s work. But, I’ll be completely honest, rebranding us has been a totally unique experience and we’ve learnt even more about the branding process through living it ourselves.

I’m not over-exaggerating when I say it’s been a massive task – shedding blood, sweat and tears along the way. But it’s definitely been worth it and I am so proud of everyone that’s worked so hard to make this happen.

For a long time now WATERS has been doing a great job for a wide range of clients and we’ve enjoyed the fact the majority of our business comes from referrals (over 95%), naturally we hope this trend continues far into the future.

However great we’ve been in the past, we know we need to do better, and being in such a competitive landscape any agency runs the risk of becoming ‘just like the others’ with no differentiation. Agencies can actually do OK conducting business in this way, if that’s what they want to do. But, at WATERS we are more ambitious than that and we want to grow, we have so much more to give – this includes an abundance of previously untapped talent and experience that our client base will now get chance to savour in commercial realisation!

Opening an office in Reading has been highly influential in driving our hunger for growth and success. In 2014, we were really very fortunate to pick up a substantially large project with O2 and Reading Borough Council which took over 12 months to deliver. This project alone has given us exposure to sectors we’ve not worked with before, has significantly pushed our in-house technologies and has provided us with some amazing contacts out of Wales.

To the outside it may seem like not much has been happening in terms of progress at WATERS, but believe me we’ve been busy on the inside! We’ve spent the last 18 months reshaping our structure, our processes – dotting the i’s and crossing every t, defining our own future destination, scoping our vision, then communicating and embedding this amongst our team. It’s difficult to redefine yourself if not everyone has bought into this vision. Our team live and breathe our vision, every step we take together has meaning and is one more step towards our shared destination of success – and for the record it looks great!

All this hard work was absolutely necessary just knowing we are all working in sync to totally transform our proposition as a creative agency, and ensuring that we are ‘Water Tight’ pardon the pun!

But a brand is more than a logo, it is US! Everything from the way we look, the way we act, the way we work. Even though the creative concepts, briefing and visioning has taken 6 months, the groundwork to this rebranding has taken so much longer.

It is with complete pleasure for me to introduce the new WATERS brand identity to you which totally encompasses our vision for the future. We are an agency that works with real world clients bringing them real success through real solutions, and we are therefore a creative agency for the Real World.


Please do come on board and experience Real World Creative today.

Rachael Wheatley
Director and Founder of WATERS