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Rebrands of 2016

Wow where is the year going? Now we’ve hit June we’re officially 6 months into 2016 and have already seen a number of big, influential rebrands from the likes of Instagram, Gumtree and CBBC.

With all branding exercises simplicity remains key, with considerable thought being given to the various channels and devices that the brand is going to be used on and seen across. As designers we’re no longer designing for billboard advertising but instead smartphones and tablets, with brands intentionally looking to ensure their logos have longevity and no restrictions for future developments.

We’ve all seen the stat that tells us that mobile usage has overtaken computers ( 

An interesting advance in branding development is the key consideration to UI (user interaction) as so many people are interacting with brands online. UI design focuses on anticipating what a user ‘needs to do’ so concepts must have elements that are easy to access, logical to understand and are user intuitive. Therefore clarity is most certainly the major style influencer for logo development in 2016.

Just in case you have missed them, here is a round-up of key brand redesigns or developments so far for 2016 (not in any particular order!).  And we’re pretty sure there are more high profile brand enhancements planned for the forthcoming months - it will be interesting to see who is next.

Logo_5.jpg Logo_Bud.jpg
Logo_CBBC.jpg Logo_Co-op.jpg
Logo_GirlScouts.jpg Logo_Gumtree.jpg
Logo_Instagram.jpg Logo_Morrisons.jpg
Logo_NYPhil.jpg Logo_Premier-League.jpg

With our own recent rebrand now two months into existence we’d love to hear what you think! #RealWorldCreative