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Data Visualisation: A picture speaks a thousand words


At WATERS, we thrive on being creative and innovative, as well as being transparent with our clients. A challenging but satisfying task is to deliver highly effective visual solutions by simplifying data and research results our clients send us. This is where we delve into the world of data visualisation.

Our team work with a vast range of clients from various industries and markets, such as life sciences, education and medicine. Within these sectors, statistics are key and it’s our job to ensure data is displayed in such a way that audiences can immediately understand the message communicated.

Data visualisation takes complex statistics and data, and transforms it into a clear graphic, making use of our advanced software systems to allow information to be easily digestible.

It’s not an easy task, (we are well aware of that) but it’s incredibly rewarding to see an in-depth and intricate piece of information reshaped into something understandable and visually pleasing. This is why data visualisation is a huge focus for us and is something we’re incredibly proud to share with you.

Below is an example of what we can do with perplexing data:
DV Banner.jpg

Here are some benefits of using data visualisation:

  • Absorbing information – digesting high volumes of data and information, as mentioned, is not a straightforward task. Data visualisation enables audiences to understand the data retrieved and make sense of it all. When there’s a high volume of complex data, we make clever use of space and colour to provide clarity, enabling easy absorption of information so companies and organisations can use it to their advantage.
  • Identifying problem areas – visualising research and data can identify areas that may need urgent attention. These areas may go unnoticed if they are not highlighted, but data visualisation can clearly outline areas that need more focus or resource applied to them.
  • Finding patterns – viewing data in a more visually appealing format can enable decision makers and analysers to monitor trends, patterns and make predictions, as well as allowing variables to be altered and problems to be prevented before they occur.
  • Aids in the audit process – if you’re conducting an audit on your business and you need to understand which products or services are working and which aren’t doing as well, data visualisation can provide a clear view on what can be moved or replaced to work more efficiently and effectively.

As a strategically driven creative agency we prioritise tailoring each of our services to your specific business needs. Whichever sector your business falls into, data visualisation may be the option you need to optimise the processing of information and data.