Iaith o Galon Creadigol

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Client: Iaith o Galon Creadigol Print


Based in Cardiff, the Welsh Language Commissioner’s responsibilities include promoting and facilitating the use of the Welsh language. Ensuring that the Welsh language is treated no less favourably than the English language, by requiring organisations to comply with standards relating to the Welsh language.

WLC is a very forward thinking organisation which relies heavily on clear communication across the region.

WATERS have been a creative partner to the Welsh Language Commissioner for over 3 years, helping them achieve their mission of promoting and facilitating the use of the Welsh language; providing a turnkey service; creative, design and print across all forms of communications.


After attending a strategic meeting with key members of the communications team at the WLC a new requirement was identified and scoped to promote the use of the Welsh language within localised sports facilities to assist Welsh learners in the wider community across Wales.

The decision was made to initiate a creative campaign that utilised multiple communication channels to target the very wide audience. Working in partnership with Sport Wales it was important that the communications were as on brand and as generic as possible, not to focus too much on one particular sport. The visual style needed to be engaging and capture the imagination of many age groups to drive forward the use of the language in this setting.



Using carefully selected resources such as active imagery and quotes from key individuals, WATERS created the #Amdani campaign.

The campaign elements consist of a suite of bilingual marketing collateral to be used in both print and digital outputs. A pocket guide was created to be distributed to local sports facilities, accompanied by a series of posters and a set of flash cards which are held together by branded lanyards. Interactivity was added to the pocket guide to link to online videos and other useful information.


With 500 campaign packs produced and distributed in Spring 2016 the Welsh Language Commissioner are measuring the impact using visitor rates on landing pages, and monitoring the requests for additional learning information directly from the target audience via email and phone.