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What is Design Swansea?


With the Swansea creative scene expanding and the city becoming a hub for designers and creatives alike, it’s great to see our hometown getting the recognition it deserves for its flair and spark.

With the £6 billion Swansea Bay City Region deal bringing an exciting phase of development, it is a fantastic time to be a creative in Swansea with so much opportunity and inspiration on our doorstep.

One of the best places to showcase the best design talent from the city is Design Swansea, a monthly event that brings together designers and creatives to meet like-minded people for chat, ideas and pizza.


Started in January 2015 by freelance web designer Benjy Stanton, the FREE event has grown since its first edition and takes place every first Thursday of the month in TechHub’s Basement Café, right at the heart of Swansea’s fast-growing creative scene.

Each event has two guest speakers who share their design experience and expertise. From branding an immersive UX to breath-taking architecture and the secrets of IP, a whole range of topics are covered, truly offering something for everyone, whether you are a graphic designer, developer, illustrator, marketer or just love to follow latest design trends.

It’s a great event for those in the industry and offers a chance for creatives to get together over a beer and some pizza to chat about all things design. Over 2½ years, Design Swansea has built a forward-thinking community that attracts more people each month, from Swansea, South Wales and beyond.

We’re proud to lend a hand to the event, especially as it promotes local creativity and shows off our community’s work at its very best. It’s also a friendly way of networking, putting specialists from different areas in the same room and letting those creative sparks fly.


Want to find out more? Head over to the Design Swansea website or pop down to the next meet up on Thursday 5th October. Keep an eye open for speaker announcements and booking details. You might want to come down early though – the free beer and pizza has a tendency to disappear fast…

(p.s. thanks to The Silence of the Lens, Design Swansea's resident photographer, for the images!)

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