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On 14th July, Rhian Hullin and Mark Wheatley joined John Hartson and 56 others to climb the UK’s highest mountain in support of the Foundation. The Brave Hart Challenge saw people from all over the country climb the 1,344 metre (that’s 4,408 ft) mountain to raise funds for the Yorkhill Children’s Hospital and the Maggie’s Centres. This challenging event came exactly 3 year after John’s first, life-saving emergency brain operation. He rallied the support of 60 friends and supporters to join him in the charity climb.

Together with our clients, Andrew Owen, Steve Buckley and Andrew Wright, from Llandarcy-based Rugbi Industrial Supplies raised a combined total of £15,233.17 for the foundation. We organised a series of fund raising events from April up to the date of the climb in July including a quiz night, auction, raffles and golf tournaments. Some clients, including Melin Consultants, Moda Collections, Wolfestone Translation, MWL Colour Print, Gemini Digital Colour Print and Charterbrook Signs, also sponsored Rhian’s t-shirt which she changed each hour!

The climb took the ‘Hartson team’ at total of 6.5 hours (3 up and 3.5 down).

Says Rhian who climbed Ben Nevis with her arm in plaster, “I have to admit that the sight of the pub in the distance kept us going and we even sprinted to the finish line, with John finishing the descent in true celebratory style. The weather was perfect, thank goodness, and we couldn’t resist stopping a few times to take in the breathtaking views (and to grab some well needed water and air too!)

“It was an amazing experience and we are delighted with all the support we received. At Waters Creative alone we set a target of £1,500 and we more than doubled this figure thanks to the kindness donations of clients and colleagues.

Pictured at the start of the climb are (from left to right), Andrew Owen and Steve Buckley from Rugbi Industrial Supplies, Rhian Hullin from Waters Creative, John Hartson, Mark Wheatley from Waters Creative and Andrew Wright, also from Rugbi Industrial Supplies.