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Welcome to Rebecca...


We are really pleased to welcome Rebecca to the Waters Creative team for a 4 week placement, we have had a quick catch up to see how she is getting on...

What’s brought you to Waters Creative?
I completed my BA Graphic Design degree at the University of Wales, Trinity St David’s and during this time I visited Waters Creative for a four day work placed internship. After I completed my degree, under very competitive conditions, I won an Access to Masters Scholarship - part of this scholarship was creating a direct link with the work place via work placements in able to provide additional postgraduate training. I am now mid way through my Masters in Contemporary Dialogue – Visual Communication, and to meet the criteria set out for me through my scholarship I am undertaking a 4 week work placement. I thoroughly enjoyed my brief internship at Waters during my BA, and was excited to get the opportunity to come back. It’s a really nice office environment, very fun and creative with a nice group of people to work with.

What does your Masters in Visual Communication involve?
I am carrying out a one year fast track masters course, the official title of my course is Masters in Contemporary Dialogue, there are four pathways within the Masters, Fine Art – Photography - Textiles and my chosen pathway – Visual Communication. The course involves learning theory from all pathways to widen understanding of the core subject. This requires communication theory independent research, trying to understand how people communicate through reading, symbols, design etc. I’m currently researching into Semiotics (Semiotics is an investigation into how meaning is created and how meaning is communicated. Its origins lie in the academic study of how signs and symbols (visual and linguistic) create meaning.)
It’s about taking research theories and discovering more depth and detail in the research then being able to take this and create a physical form of your findings. I’ve taken my learning’s into colour and type theories and produced an infographic and small book.

What do you hope you’ll gain from working with us?
As well as the opportunity to expand my portfolio with both live and hypothetical briefs, I’m enjoying experiencing how a design studio works. From initial client meetings to delivery of final concepts and products, everything is happening around me and that’s really good to be part of. I’m also enjoying having the opportunity to take what I have discovered on my course and applying it to my work here at Waters.

You have been here a week so far, how are things going?
Really well – I have had the opportunity to design some really exciting things, a good range of different types of projects as well. I’m really pleased with what I have done so far.

What type of projects have you been working on?
A mix of live and hypothetical briefs, this has allowed me to experience a very tightly controlled brief as well as a more relaxed and free approach to a project. I’ve looked at magazine design and rebranding projects as well as new branding projects. I’ve also been working on some of my personal projects, this has been good as I can ask the team for their feedback, it’s always good to have different opinions.

What challenges do you foresee?
Learning to work to a fast pace, which involves good organisation to make sure that any deadlines are met.

Is there anything that working with us so far has taught you?
How much work is expected in a day! Watching the team work at such a quick turnaround and range of projects has helped me to understand how a graphic design agency works and what to expect in my future career. Through feedback on my work I’ve also grown to understand the level of quality the team expect and the way in which they work to produce things the company can be proud to show to their clients.

And finally what’s next after your placement here with us at Waters?
My immediate plans are to complete the remaining few months of my Masters. I will finish in September and then I will need to apply for jobs and get ready for the world of work!