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Our Brand - Our Vision


Our Brand - Our Vision

Twelve years ago, we renamed the company, from Waters Designs to Waters Creative. With this, came a new logo, and a new and refreshed service offering to our valued clients. It was well received.

Twelve years later, as a creative agency, we were under no illusion that another rebrand was going to be a challenging task for us, but after some serious conversations with our team, business development consultants and as Directors, we knew the next phase in our future plans was to rebrand and evolve Waters Creative.

With over a decade of creativity under our belt, most people know us as Waters and associate creativity with us naturally without the need to prompt. The change simply means we are realising this in a visual capacity. Now with fewer characters, the emphasis is in the right place and provides a sense of hierarchy within the brand itself.

The Steps we took to rebrand
We asked ourselves a number of questions by completing an internal brand immersion session to evaluate the brand as it stood, and the need for change. Identifying our new service offering, aspirations, USP’s, new vision and mission statement really meant that we were able to clearly make an informed decision on how the brand should be viewed and how clients and staff emotionally engage with the brand and the company. We asked ourselves how we wanted our clients to feel when they engaged with us. And in turn, we identified the areas of the current brand that were failing to connect with our target market.

The colours

The biggest change was going from blue to black (sounds painful), but this really is reflective of where we are now as an agency – we have evolved into a bolder, braver, experienced team with the right attitude, add to this a revised business strategy and the future sure does look good. A new bright, vibrant colour palette provides flexibility of use and unlimited colour combinations that are still ‘on brand’.



The main brand font is powerful yet clean with sharp angles and stylish weight shifts. 


We’ve selected PT Sans Bold for both headline and body text. A condensed, bold and simple font with angular characters that echo the main logo typeface. This font has a ‘business like’ cleanliness which works well to support our ‘real world’ concept.

Strap line


We knew a strapline would be a neat addition to our new brand, and after much thought and deliberation, these 3 simple and actually obvious words fitted perfectly.

In essence these words totally sum us up right now, and become even more powerful for us and our future aspirations. We are an agency that works with real world clients bringing them real success through real solutions, and we are therefore a creative agency for the Real World.

When we work with clients we invite them into our world, but in the same breath we have to truly understand their world in order to make the project delivery work for them.

From an early stage start-up we always insisted that we would provide our clients with what they wanted, and not what they didn’t want or need – We have become a respected agency within the industry for this hands-on approach.

An eclectic mix of colours demonstrate our diversity – in terms of creative output, skills and background of our team, ability to create solutions that are fit for purpose, have meaning and make a difference. 

Composition and orientation

We have created an identity that is available in both portrait and landscape orientation.
The main difference being the W stamp is positioned at the end of the word Waters on the landscape version. This makes a perfect shape for narrow headers and banners where vertical space is restricted. We realised that, in an ever changing digital World, that flexibility is key.

W badge – The ‘Watermark’

Having a Waters ‘Element’ was very important to us going forward, especially with our old brand being typographical alone.
The W badge has many meanings, all of significance to our creative proposition:

  • The W is soft and represents the flow of water and ideas generated at Waters
  • The stamp can be used to provide work with a ‘stamp of approval’ to covey our commitment to quality and service
  • The W is also representative of a heartbeat and is a visual way of us showing that everything we do is done with creative passion
  • The three segments show the foundations of the way we work, the integrated approach we take to developing solutions that are fit for purpose and that comprise of combined thought strategies.
  • This badge can be used alone without the wording. So is perfectly formed to fit on social media thumbnails, favicons and as non-intrusive watermarks.


I am so proud of the creative journey we’ve taken over the last 6 months, to take stock of what we’ve achieved so far, scope out what we really want to achieve in the future and the work we’ve completed to redefine our vision and future proof Waters.

I believe our offering is so much stronger as a result of all the hard work and personally I cannot wait for our existing clients to experience the new us, and for new clients to step into our world.

I’m excited to reveal the new brand to our valued existing clients and new prospect clients, we are all passionate about the new offering, and can’t wait to discuss it with you.

Welcome to WATERS – Real World Creative.

Rhian East
Director of WATERS