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WATERS Weekend Challenge - And the winner is...

challenge-banner.jpgThose of you who follow us keenly on social media will know that we’ve been finding a few uses for our branded promotional gifts recently.

Our mousemats have been turned into pancakes and our tablecloths have been spotted as superhero capes (hmm), plus we’ve been chatting about pound coins as if they’re going out of fashion (SPOLIER ALERT: they are –  the #newpoundcoin is on the way).

The even more eagle-eyed amongst you might have seen the #WATERSWeekendChallenge. What is the #WATERSWeekendChallenge? Well, we thought we’d make good use of our promo gifts seeing what adventures our team could take them on over last weekend. For this first edition of the challenge, the products in question were a branded water bottle and a pen. Our team’s task was to take the best photo of either (or both!) items, with the winner getting a prize. Simple as that!


One water bottle. One pen. Best photo wins.

The team have approached this with their trademark enthusiasm and we’ve had some great entries as you can see in our slideshow below. From coffee shops to race tracks, football pitches to mountain walks, our promo gifts certainly had a busy weekend! And they were proving very popular with those with two legs, 4 legs and those who are a few months away from finding their feet. A really inspiring and heart-warming set of photos, we think you’ll agree.

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All of the team's submissions.

This morning, all of the photos have been put to the team vote and we’re excited to say that the results are in!

And the winner is...

The first ever #WATERSWeekendChallenge Champion is *drum roll* … Ceri!

Ceri’s genius idea saw him popping our water bottle into his fish tank to capture the winning image (although he did share the outtakes with the team as well… turns out some of his fish aren’t too good at timing).


Ceri's winning shot!

Congratulations, Ceri!

After the success of the inaugural #WATERSWeekendChallenge, we’re throwing ideas about for what we should do next. We know that a lot of our clients have ordered branded promotional gifts from us before, so who knows – we might throw down the gauntlet to you, too!

If our #WATERSWeekendChallenge has got you thinking about what promotional gifts you could have, give us a call and together we’ll come up with some ideas that will complement your brand perfectly.