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A great day for Swansea Bay!


After 5 years of visions, plans and talks, the Swansea Bay City Region was given the green light on Monday 20th March, with Prime Minister Theresa May signing a £1.3bn deal to help Wales push to “the forefront of science and innovation”.

With such huge investment, the benefits look set to be wide-reaching, with 4 councils taking part in the deal: Swansea, Carmarthenshire, Neath Port Talbot and Pembrokeshire. 11 projects will now get underway across South West Wales, kicking off a new era in the area that will create 9,500 jobs and bring countless opportunities.

As a creative agency born and bred in Swansea, we’re naturally excited to see the deal happening. It shows commitment from both the Welsh Government and UK Government to help the area leap into the future and opens many doors for our neighbours.

We also feel privileged, because we helped build the Swansea Bay City Region website. It’s a small part to play, but helping tell the story of the deal is an honour, not least because of its global reach. It also shows the commitment to the region in action – when it came to finding someone to build the website, the Swansea Bay City Region Board chose local. We know Swansea is a vibrant, forward-thinking community and it’s nice to see recognition that it can be so much more.

The website itself was a great project. A bold, coastal theme combined with a fully-responsive, intelligent user interface makes the website a joy to use and is a great way to showcase the plans to turn Swansea Bay into the ‘Internet Coast’ in both English and Welsh. Our web team really pulled out all the stops for this one – good job, team!

We’ll be keeping a keen eye on developments over the next few months. You can do the same yourself – check out the website for yourself and discover the potential: