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Admiral Bespoke COVID-19 safety signage

Admiral is a UK based insurance company, set up in 1993 to specialise in Car Insurance. WATERS has worked with Admiral for over 10 years developing brands for sub-departments across the organisation. When Admiral made the decision to return to work after the COVID-19 pandemic they immediately contacted us to develop safety signage for their offices. Being a highly innovative business who take a very unique approach to communication, off-the-shelf signage simply doesn’t meet their requirements or suit their brand ethos, so we knew that something that little bit different was required to meet their brief .


“Thank you – you’ve been a tremendous support to me, to my teams and the business. You and your teams are as equal in thanks as everyone else we have worked with during this time.
Together stronger has never meant more to me than it has with you all doing what you do for our business. I know you’re all humble enough to say, it’s what you do, well it’s what we do together that makes the difference but you do what you do very well.
I think there’s a few beers overdue at the end of this, whatever that looks like!
Thank you again from me and the business for everything so far.”

Huw Llewellyn
Head of Property and FM, Admiral Group Plc

Bespoke signage

Having a strong and well-known Corporate Brand, Admiral felt it would be advantageous to keep the style and colour scheme throughout the buildings through the new signage. They required signage that talked to their staff in a similar tone as all other internal signage and communications. With employee and visitor safety being paramount and through unique visuals and infographics, we were able to encapsulate this brand-aligned style perfectly. We created large-scale wall graphics with wipe clean, updatable, flexible areas where details can be changed on a weekly/monthly or annual basis to accommodate changes in social distancing regulations by the UK Government. The guidance is clearly visible but displayed in balance within the innovative and professional working environment.

The communal areas

For employee canteens, chill-out areas and toilets we were tasked with creating an easy to read series of posters and wall vinyl’s to communicate important guidance. These designs needed to be flexible and adaptable depending on the room size and type of chill-out area. We created wipe clean vinyl panels within the poster areas to allow for important information to be delivered in a highly prominent, fast and effective way.

Lifts, stairwells and exits

Lifts, stairwells and exits needed to be easy to locate. Simple graphical elements allow these directional signs to be seen from a safe distance and the blue and red colour scheme stands out in an array of other internal staff posters throughout every floor of every Admiral building. Left and right directional signs, along with up and down posters were created to quickly identify protected and recommended staff routes for safe movement around the buildings

Meeting spaces

Meeting Rooms of various configurations are dotted around every Admiral building, and act as the primary hub for conference calls for the team to stay in touch with other Admiral departments and offices in other countries such as India, Canada and France. Where possible, we created posters to advise and help staff make the right decisions on using these meeting spaces – tips on abiding to the 2metre rule, maximum capacity, seating arrangements and deep cleaning contact information. Signage also serves as a reminder that Admiral supports and encourages home-working where possible so these posters help safe working immensely.