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Delicious Delights by Gareth

Gareth’s Delicious Delights is a husband-and-wife team (Gareth & Lynwen) that have been in
business making and selling handmade chocolates since 2018. Some additional product lines (brownies, fudge and millionaire shortbread) are also made, but handmade fresh chocolates are the core focus. Designed to be shared amongst friends and family, perhaps after a meal or given as a gift.

We were approached by Gareth and Lynwen to develop a suite of simple and consistent brand communication materials to enable this handmade range of chocolates to convey the family-values that are behind the business strategy and brand story.

Selling chocolates is a competitive market and there is no shortage of small, medium and large brands to compete with. However, the brand and it’s founders, naturally radiate an overwhelming warmth, passion and care for what they do, as a result we could immediately visualise a creative direction for this unpretentious and straight-forward brand that both Gareth and Lynwen were excited to embark upon.

Delicious Delights by Gareth - Branding, Logo


Good value, good times

Immersing ourselves in the brand values, and understanding Gareth and Lynwen’s aims for the business enabled us to develop ideas for the brand identity that would maintain the homemade feel whilst elevating the brand to enable growth at a level they were comfortable with. We created a brand identity that is strong enough to stand alone, or be used with complimentary brand assets. The development of a practical brand toolkit which contained instantly-recognisable brand materials ensured Gareth’ s Delicious Delights would stand out amongst the hustle and bustle of food markets, food festivals and craft fairs where the chocolates are sold directly to visiting customers.

We created leaflets and banner stands for events, business cards and flavour maps. We worked with the family members to coach and advise on a high performing social media strategy and provided a set of reusable (evergreen) social media graphics for Facebook and Instagram.


Comfort and warmth from the heart of the home kitchen

Packaging for the star of the show – the chocolates!

Customers make their own selection from a wide range of flavours; from raspberry ruffle, chocolate orange truffle to mint chocolate chip. The chocolates are then presented in either clear gift bags or different sized boxes depending on the quantity required.

Inspired by home baking and the intricate detail and shape of paper doilies we created laser cut stickers that can be placed on the boxes or used as a seal on the gift bags. We worked with the client on a number of options for their packaging so that upon purchase and once taken home or given as a gift, the name of the company is always on show.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Gareth and Lynwen and continue to work with them to enhance their brand and positioning.

A true family made gift that we can all enjoy!