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Drop Bear Beers

There are over 2,000 breweries in the UK, with the craft beer boom leading to a 20% surge in people registering trademarks for beers in the UK. However, with young people drinking less, low-alcohol craft beer is something Drop Bear Beer Co. are bringing to the market, combining the taste and expertise of craft brewing with a low ABV.

We worked closely with Drop Bear’s founders to explore what their brand should look like and how they could make a splash in an already-busy market. Combining the image of the mythical Drop Bear and a bold colour palette, we have built a brand that is ready to make its mark by offering something new to drinkers.

Drop Bear Beers


Perfecting the craft

Talking to the Drop Bear team helped us understand what they want to achieve and how they want position themselves. By creating a drop bear illustration, we gave the brand a mascot that would sit across their whole range of drinks, creating an instantly-recognisable look that would stand out on the shelves.

Combining this strong visual identity with bold key messaging, we were confident that Drop Bear could hold their own among higher-alcohol drinks that dominate bars across the UK.


From the trees
to the web

Social media is set to be a key aspect of Drop Bear’s marketing, so we provided them with a set of ready-to-use graphics to help them reach audiences across different social media platforms. We have also designed bottle labels and packaging to capture the essence and flavour of Drop Bear, making it easier to attract attention in an industry that has fully-embraced art to help their beers stand out.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Drop Bear and continue to work with them to enhance their brand and positioning as the UK’s leading low-alcohol craft brewers.