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Report Design • Infographics

Justice in Wales for the People of Wales report

The Commission on Justice in Wales was set up by the Welsh Government in December 2017 to undertake a review of the justice system in Wales. The findings were completed in the summer of 2019 and we were approached to design and produce the 600 page report in both English and Welsh. 

We worked closely with the Commissioners over a three month period to create a report that showcased the findings in a style that was easy to read but also had the gravitas that the subject matter demanded. The bilingual report was published in October 2019 and presented to the First Minister of Wales on the 24 October to an eagerly awaited audience at the Senedd in Cardiff.

“Thank you so much for all your hard work over the past few months. It has been a really challenging project but you have all been skilled, constructive and helpful at every turn – a delight to work with!”

Martin Wade
Communications Manager at Commission on Justice in Wales

The report was a culmination of oral evidence, panels, written evidence, surveys, events and meetings. The above infographic, summarises these contributions. Please note, the numbers above are approximations. 

Justice Commission Report - Two Volumes
Justice Report Detail


Data visualisation

The 600 page report contained over 70 figures and 1,000 footnotes. Amongst these figures were a number of graphs, maps and diagrams that had originated from a number of different sources. We standardised each one to bring it in line with the colours and style we set.

Justice commission palette

Data visualisation
Report Titles


Developing the brand

The Justice Commission consisted of a single colour and logo. We created a unique identity created for the report. We developed a colour palette and family of typefaces that complimented the existing brand and subject matter. Legibility was at the fore-front of everything ensuring that the complexity of the report was not obstructed by a cluttered design.


Justice Report Summary Covers
Justice Report Summary Covers