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M-SParc (Menai Science Park) is a business park that provides office, lab and workshop space to tech-focused businesses in the heart of North Wales. Harnessing the latest technologies in a stunning location, M-SParc’s goal is to be the space you want to work in. We worked with M-SParc to create a complete wayfinding system that would engage with tenants and clearly convey the client’s brand across all touchpoints.

“Waters listened to exactly what we wanted and managed to provide it in a way that was fresh and new. Their maturity and sensitivity to the surrounding area was paramount to this project being a success.”

Emily Roberts


Sense of place

Architectural drawings were used as both literal and figurative blueprints for window graphics, with corridor identities built from motherboard-inspired graphics. Snowdonia National Park and the Menai Strait featured heavily in our creative thinking as we wanted to incorporate a true sense of place.


M-Spark Windows
M Spark Meeting Room - Quote
Quote close-up M-Spark
M-Spark Main Entrance Sign


Home from home

This large-scale signage project combined an existing brand with our own signage expertise to deliver a unique sense of identity to capture that desire of calling M-SParc your home for businesses.


M-Spark Post Signage
M-Spark Recycle
M-Spark Lift
M-Spark Recycle
M-Spark Plug Robot
M-Spark Quote
M-Spark Plug Cogs
M-Spark Plug
M-Spark Lightbulb


Words of inspiration

A local poet composed lines based on the theme of science which we used alongside quotations from famous figures in science to provide even more inspiration to tenants.

M Spark Meeting Room - Quote
M-Spark Quote