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NHS Wales Amber Review

NHS Wales Emergency Ambulance Services Committee led an extensive review of the Amber response category within the clinical service model for ambulance services in Wales. The Amber category is applied to patients with serious conditions which are not immediately life-threatning, but which are urgent and need treatment.

We worked closely with the authors of the report to produce a comprehensive document that captured all the data gathered by the team. Alongside this, we produced a summary report and presentation to be used at the launch of the report.

We wish to thank you and your team for designing and printing the The Amber Review Report. We found your company to have excellent customer service skills and the flexibility to meet our short notice needs was appreciated greatly. The illustrations used throughout the report were of excellent quality and will be a great asset in our future work in this area.

Ross Whitehead
NHS Wales
Amber Review Section Page
The NHS Amber Review


A visual review

With huge amounts of data gathered during the review, it was essential to show these in an easy-to-digest format to ensure the key messages and recommendations from the report were quickly understood. Combining infographics with a clear document structure, we helped emphasise the crucial findings, while keeping the in-depth report accessible for all readers.

Amber Review Small infographic
Amber Review Covers


Prepared for launch

The Amber Review was a substantial piece of work for the authors and we wanted to make sure they had everything they needed to ensure a successful launch. We produced and managed translation for the English and Welsh versions of the full and summary reports, as well as a presentation that allowed the team to promote the findings with confidence.

Amber Review Technical Appendix
Amber Technical Appendix graph