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Thames Valley Berkshire LEP
2018 Impact Report

Having worked with Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (Thames Valley Berkshire LEP) on their website, they approached us to help them convey the real-life social and economic impacts of a local enterprise partnership via a data-driven user journey.

The LEP has made a real difference to the local economy and while this is visible in print, the team wanted to transform the standard annual report into something far more engaging by bringing the data to life using the latest web design techniques.

We worked closely with the LEP team to help them convey the stats, resulting in a user-friendly, modern subsite that displayed the facts clearly and effectively.

From initial brief and concept to final design and functionality, the Waters team inherently understood our requirements in terms of content, design and use. It’s our first digital Impact Report and we are thrilled with the innovative platform that has been created.

Margot Tomkinson-Smith
Thames Valley Berkshire LEP
Inclusive Growth
Returning graduates
Growth Forecasts
Collaborative innovation
Research and Development


Bringing data to life

It’s not enough to say “this happened” – Thames Valley Berkshire LEP wanted to explain the whys, hows, whens and wheres. Focusing on the UX, we turned the Impact report into a fully digital report, using an interactive timeline and animations to show the real economic progress made within the region.

Thames Valley Berkshire Impact Report Website
Thames Valley Animated Stats


Explanation through animation

Stats are great, but too many can be too much. Using animations, we gave the data character to help fully engage the LEP’s audience and clearly explain what had been achieved. Collaborating closely with the team ensured the key points were emphasised.

Thames Valley Timeline