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The British Diamond Company

Working with a long-term client, we built a brand and website for their new store, The British Diamond Company. We shaped a responsive e-commerce experience using the Shopify platform, providing a simple-to-maintain store for our client that was a joy to use for their audience when it came to selecting that special piece of jewellery.

We have put the customer at the heart of the online experience, ensuring that their needs are met at each touchpoint. Complementing seamless web design with a high-end brand identity, we made an extensive range of products easily accessible thanks to dynamic loading.

The British Diamond Company Website


Comprehensive product pages

When searching for the perfect jewellery, customers want to have everything they need to know in an easily accessible way. We designed product pages to convey information clearly, focusing on high quality imagery to showcase products at their very best.

Product Detail
The British Diamond Company Product Detail
The British Diamond Company Product Detail
The British Diamond Company Footer
The British Diamond Company Logo

Brand mark

A meeting of classic and contemporary, the diamond brand mark is designed to be used across all formats while being recognisable.


Combining sans serif and serif further conveys the heritage and modern outlook of the Company, while allowing flexibility.

Colour Palette

Subtle but striking. Rose-gold exudes luxury and desire, which lends itself well to the brand when laid upon a rich navy background.

The British Diamond Company Tablet Product View


Responsive UX

Online shopping has become a mobile-first experience, so ensuring our designs worked well in widescreen and vertical was essential in maintaining a flawless user experience. Our design and development teams collaborated from the outset.