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Design • Infographics

Welsh Language Commissioner Annual Report and Summary

The Welsh Language Commissioner plays a crucial role in promoting and protecting the Welsh language, ensuring that all people in Wales have the choice to live their lives in the language which they choose.

We worked closely with the team to design and produce their 2017-18 report, ‘A Measure of Success,’ to depict the data they had gathered across the year. The bilingual report was published in Summer 2018.

Report Cover
Report Inner Leafs


A year in visual form

Conveying statistics in an easy-to-digest format helps ensure an audience can easily understand the information presented to them. We produced infographics in line with the Welsh Language Commissioner’s existing branding to create visually-consistent datasets across both languages.

Welsh Language Commissioner infographics


The key details

As well as the full report, we designed and produced a summary report to emphasise key findings. This followed the same design to ensure consistency at all touchpoints.

Summary Report Cover
Inside the summary report