Shaping the Future of Medical Research

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Client: Shaping the Future of Medical Research Print / Web


The Wales Cancer Bank (WCB) are a long standing client, for whom we provide creative design services on a regular basis.

WCB’s purpose is to facilitate research into cancer by collecting and storing tissue samples from 9 hospitals across Wales. In order to achieve this they must raise awareness and promote engagement pan-Wales amongst their wide ranging audiences from scientists, clinicians to cancer patients and their families.


Holding a brand immersion workshop with key members of the WCB clinical team, we explored the current positioning of the organisation and scoped the future requirements that needed to be achieved through revitalised communications. The findings of this workshop enabled new key messaging to be written that was aligned to the organisations vision and key objectives. This became the foundation for our creative concept work and initial strategic marketing plan which encompassed online and offline channels. 

Due to the nature of the work carried out by WCB, we had to be mindful of the sensitivity of information and ensure the right use of tone and language when communicating with target audiences. Our creative brief was to represent WCB in a professional yet engaging way that was easy for audiences to understand and digest.  As such communications are presented in print and digital format to provide the widest possible reach and the highest levels of accessibility to help drive awareness and engagement.


As part on an ongoing initiative we have recently re-designed and built a new website for WCB that is modern and effective that provides a platform to deliver key information to patients and researchers. A staff intranet area has also been integrated within the website to enable remote teams to work together and share information in an efficient and secure way.

As a research led organisation, it is highly important for the Wales Cancer Bank to document and share their findings on a yearly basis. WATERS have created annual reports for Wales Cancer Bank for the last 5 years, each report is structured according to specific standards, containing universal brand elements, but the style purposely differs slightly each year to show growth.

In 2015 a comprehensive 5 year celebratory report was created that combined details of all the achievements of the research work undertaken to date and a proposed focus for future actions of the organisation.  


  • Consented ~10,000 patients
  • Wales Cancer Bank has been selected as the host organisation to manage samples taken in many clinical trials across the UK
  • Wales Cancer Bank has been selected as one of two centres hosting samples for ‘Add Aspirin’ trial