Sharing the vision for a region’s future

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Client: Sharing the vision for a region’s future Incentives / Print / Web


Swansea Bay City Region (SBCR) represents the coming together of key public and private sector figures from across South West Wales to help shape a more prosperous future for its residents by creating jobs and encouraging inward investment. It covers four local authority areas: Swansea, Neath Port Talbot, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire.

Since its establishment in 2013, SBCR has made use of its board’s extensive network to garner support for transforming the region and helping it realise its full potential. From creative to heavy, a wide variety of industries stand to benefit from SBCR’s work to bring the dream of the ‘Internet Coast’ into reality.

WATERS were proud to be asked to help promote the aims of SBCR by designing a website that was accessible and conveyed the future-thinking values embraced by the SBCR board.


Being based in Swansea, we were privileged to be asked to work with the SBCR team to develop their website. We fully appreciate what the plans mean for Swansea and the wider region, so clearly communicating the benefits not just to businesses but residents was essential to achieve. Keeping in contact with SBCR team members kept us in the loop, so we knew what we had to incorporate into the site and by when. Ensuring all aspects of the deal were accessible to all visits was an important part in making sure as many people as possible could find out more about the aims of the project.


As part of the discovery phase, our team established what the SBCR team needed to ensure their aims were communicated as clearly as possible. As the announcement of the Swansea Bay City Region deal would naturally lead to high levels of traffic, we needed to make sure there would be enough bandwidth to ensure that the site would perform as expected when it came to going ‘public’.

Our web team used WATERS Content Management System (WCMS) to lay the foundations for the SBCR website. Its flexibility allowed them to incorporate a huge variety of content, from proposals to news stories to feeds from social media channels. Ensuring all content was visible within the site was a challenge due to the sheer volume of it, but it was a challenge our team met with bucket-loads of enthusiasm.


The Swansea Bay City Deal was signed on 20th March 2017 by Prime Minister Theresa May, signalling the go ahead for £1.3 billion to be invested into the schemes promoted by the Swansea Bay City Region. The website was made live at the time of the announcement to ensure people who were searching for more information could find it. Even with a 975% increase in traffic on 20th March compared to the previous day, the SBCR website stayed live to help deliver a message of change for South West Wales.