Delivering a Compelling User Journey

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Client: Delivering a Compelling User Journey Incentives / Print / Web


We were invited by a long-standing client: project management company ‘empirical’, to join an exciting and innovative partnership project, involving Reading Borough Council (RBC) and leading mobile network provider 02.

The project, initiated by the Council through the O2 Future Fund, focused on the development of resources for young people, to help them access training, employment advice and general support to address the growing issue of young NEETS (Not in, Education, Employment or Training) within the borough.

The challenge: to develop a distinct brand identity for the initiative and create an interactive and fully responsive website to help 16-24 year old NEETS in the Reading area learn employment related skills and find work.


Further to conducting on-the-ground research and profiling of the target audience, we identified a gap in available solutions and from this developed the concept ‘Skill City’ - an idea inspired by ‘SimCity’. Our proposal centred on a motivational and interactive app, bringing together the best advice available in the format of a personalised virtual town web app, where each building represented a relevant topic and ‘floors’ could be added to the building, through learning about the topic and taking actions to help oneself.

We submitted our proposed design idea, which, along with other concepts from other agencies, was evaluated within a focus group held with a selection of NEETS – a competitive situation that involved multiple design agency proposals. Further to the focus group we were delighted that our fun, yet serious idea ‘Skill City’ became the winning concept.

We were appointed as the lead creative agency across the ‘ElevateMe’ project, briefed to develop a distinct brand identity for the initiative and design, program and build an interactive, fully responsive website ‘’.

The aim for the mobile site was to offer a single point of access to the wide range of opportunities available to young people, to help them progress toward or obtain employment. The website seamlessly brought together relevant information and links to local and national agencies and by using a ‘SimCity’ style it gave young people the opportunity to learn and improve themselves en-route to employment success, whilst importantly keeping them engaged and interested along the way.

To activate this thinking, we developed a marketing strategy for the planned rollout and management of the project and supported the production and maintenance of the website with our own Waters content management system ‘WCMS’, providing a small team of authors and editors to enable a high level of bespoke information management on behalf of our client.









ElevateMe was shortlisted for two awards at the prestigious LGC Awards 2015 for ‘Innovation’ and the best ‘Innovative Service Delivery Model’. We received a Highly Commended award in the category ‘Innovative Service Delivery Model’, highlighting the importance of the project and rewarding the hard work and determination of everyone involved.

Due to the success of the initiative, ElevateMe has rolled out across the whole of Berkshire, bringing together agencies and job boards across many relevant cities. Click here to visit the Berkshire hub.

Overall the project has been an enormous success and has reduced the number of NEETS in the Berkshire area significantly. ElevateMe is a brand in it's own right with Elevate 'Hubs' now open for business across the entire region.